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Nov 30, 2009 6:00am EST
out of it. we were looking pretty seriously at a future of a mccain/palin ticket winning. barack obama found his voice and he started talking about how this financial crisis was not the result of just one or two bad apples but a result of ideology of the regulation. that is where he was not telling the truth. it was not just the bush years. what gives me a little bit of a different perspective is because i do not live in the u.s.. i am much less partisan. i am not driven by a desire for democrats to win elections. that is not what drives my riding. during that election campaign, we knew damn well that the key pieces of legislation that created the economic crisis had been created during the clinton years. we knew that this was a better political message to claim that the ideology was bush policy. the problem with the intellectual dishonesty is that it comes back to bite you. if you are lying to yourself and everyone else, then what is to prevent larry summers from coming back and being given the keys to the treasury once again. >> what grade would you give on this issue? >> what grade?
Nov 29, 2009 11:00pm EST
in the -- barack obama. >> yes, and this is what i tracked in the -- track in the book. the ambition of the super brands of the 1990's in companies like starbucks and nike and apple. the equated their ideas with this transcendent injury. they ended up making themselves -- this transcendent in the jury -- imagery. the ended up making themselves -- they ended up making themselves very vulnerable to their consumers demanding more of them. when a company like apple uses gondi in an ad -- ghandi in an ad, or anti racism in their market, it is usually because somebody at their advertising firm did research and found that this would be most resonant with their target. they were not prepared for being held accountable for these ideas when consumers ask why 16- year-old girls are making your speakers for a paltry wages if you believe in treating women fare. -- fair. it is interesting. that kind of activism forced a lot of reforms on companies, but i argue in the introduction that the most significant development in the world of branding is the application of this theory of the hollow corporation and all
Nov 16, 2009 6:00am EST
decision by the obama administration the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the worst terror attack in u.s. history and four other attacks will be tried in a civilian courtroom. for the victims' family it is reigniting fierce debate. >> for me, my feelings, it's tasteless, it's sensitive and those scars, which have never been healed are just going to be open again. so, i am not comfortable with this call. >> new yorkers are certainly more than capable of handling it and i think, again, it speaks to the very heart of who we are, not only as new yorkers, but as american citizens. you know, if a crime is committed on our soil, you're going to be given a trial. you will be given access to an attorney and you will be innocent until proven guilty. >> will illinois be the new guantanamo? a government task force will visit a nearly empty prison in thompson, illinois. the town two hours west of chicago could be the new home for suspected terrorists. correspondent richard lui will have more on that in about 25 minutes. >>> a college football player spoke for the first time since his neck was crush
Nov 2, 2009 6:00am EST
shot for you. >>> the white house says that president obama will decide in a matter of weeks if more troop also go to afghanistan. new for you in about 30 minutes, the new development that could make the decision even more complicated. >>> people getting sick, maybe from e.coli led to a big recall of ground beef in the northeast you need to know about today. jennifer westhoven has that list. there's possibly even a death connected to this? >> i don't think it's possible. new hampshire had health officials say that's true, one person died after eating contaminated beef. there are reports of other people getting sick that could be connected to this recall. it's something to look out for if you have ground beef in your refrigerator. the company in question is fairbank farms of asheville, new york. their beef, it won't say fairbank farms on t it was sold as the store brand. so if you're in the northeast, this is where it will affect you. acme, bj's giant, trader joe's. some of the stores involved. go and check if you bought the store ground beef. if you have any of the beef you can take
Nov 9, 2009 6:00am EST
of the 13 victims of the mass attack at ft. hood. >>> president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial service tomorrow for the victims of the ft. hood shootings. 13 people were killed. we'll be sharing their stories throughout the morning. richard lui begins with specialist frederick greene. >> friends and family in tennessee called him freddy. they say he grew up in church and knew the bible like the back of his hand. he joined the military after the company where he worked shut down. >> many of his fellow soldiers told us he was the quiet professional of the unit, never complaining about a job given and often volunteering when needed. >> heartbreaking thing know iin he's gone, the way he had to leave this world. but i'm sure he's in a better place. but i hate -- you know, it's heartbreak. >> specialist greene was remembered at his parents' church yesterday and at a veterans' service in his community, robin. >> every single person we talk about here seems like an amazing person. three women were also among the victims. what were you able to find out about lieutenant colone
Nov 23, 2009 6:00am EST
dinner as president obama welcomes indian prime minister. later in the week, american icon, three nights of c-span's original documentary. . . .
Nov 1, 2009 11:00pm EST
, yet a lot of people trusted her opinion on obama, on the election. she's not a book critic, but yet people, if she endorses a book, that book goes to number one, goes on the best seller lists. if she puts a product on her favorite things list, that product goes out of stock even though she's not a brand specialist. so i think, you know, you look at oprah, she's obviously struggled with her weight, but i think people really do trust her. i'm very surprised. >> they look at her advice like it's the gospel. is this bad news for oprah? >> i don't think it's bad news at all. last time i checked, oprah's never officially endorsed any product. so if you decide to follow her influence, oprah's speaking about what works for her. everyone's dna is different. so you have to adopt remedies and therapies and treatments that you think are best for your body. if it doesn't work for you, fine, but oprah's only sharing her experiences and i think for her to say what oprah should or shouldn't be doing or what she should or should not be sharing, her viewers have a will and choice to choose and that's
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)